Southern Ocean Express

“We can do that for you!”

Our customers can be assured that when they engage SOE to handle their logistics, packaging and transport needs, they are investing in a well-established and highly-accomplished company who will do whatever it takes to ensure the safe and timely delivery of their product. SOE only use accredited freight companies and boast an experienced team of personnel who will fully coordinate logistics, and ensure all necessary documentation required is both complete, and compliant.

Formed in 1986, Southern Ocean Express was primarily created as a logistics and facilitating company to assist the Port Lincoln tuna industry in exporting to Japan.

In 2006 Southern Ocean Express was sold to Gavin Myers, an employee of ten years.  Gavin quickly gained experience across all platforms, and began managing the company several years prior to his purchase. With vast experience and understanding of the industry in Port Lincoln and surrounding fisheries, Gavin and his team has been leading the way in domestic and international distribution of live and fresh-frozen seafood products from this district ever since.

SOE continue to provide many services to the industry and now also pride themselves on being the packer and distributor of the growing MYERS SEAFOOD range of products.