Coffin Bay Vongole

Katelysia peronii

Coffin Bay Vongole (known as “the whites”) are harvested from the sub-tidal waters of the Coffin Bay harvest zone and fed by the nutrient-rich Southern Ocean. Guaranteed fresh, Coffin Bay vongole are always harvested to order.


Vongole is surveyed annually by PIRSA to determine the biomass of the species within the SASQAP certified harvest zones. The quota is held by multiple license holders who hand-rake to consumer demand under an organised schedule, delivering fresh, live vongole to the market.

Culinary Notes

Vongole is Italian for “clams”, and is brilliant in Italian style dishes such as pasta or risotto, or just eaten alone with crusty bread. It has a delicate and sweet white flesh, bursting with fresh ocean flavour.

Available Forms

Coffin Bay “whites” are sold live in 500g cryovac pouches and have a 10 day shelf life. When purchased the bag vacuum should still be tight.

Tips and Facts

  • Vongole are available all year round
  • Vongole from a cryovac bag should be drained and rinsed prior to cooking
  • While traditional wisdom suggests vongole that don’t open when cooked should be discarded, they are in fact fine to eat provided they still hold the fresh aroma of the sea
  • Coffin Bay and West Coast Vongole do not require purging and therefore retain 100% of the natural sea flavour

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