Seriola Ialandi

A natural inhabitant of the cold, clean waters of Southern Australia, the Yellowtail Kingfish is known by many different names around the world. In Japan, it is “Hiramasa”, and is regarded as one of the finest sashimi fish available. Here in Eyre Peninsula it is known as Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish, and its superior quality is quite simply, unparalleled.


Produced to the highest environmental standards, Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish farming activities on Eyre Peninsula exceed the required legislation and world’s best practice standards, ensuring sustainable stocks for the future. The waters in which the kingfish are farmed are amongst the most pristine in the world. Fed by cold, nutrient-rich Antarctic waters from the Great Southern Ocean, the marine sites are located in areas of high tidal movement, ensuring consistent flow and temperature.

Culinary Notes

Renowned for its firm, white, slightly oily flesh and sweet, rich flavour, Kingfish is an extremely diverse specie with few bones. It lends itself to a variety of cuisines from clean Japanese flavours, to spicy Thai dishes, but is also excellent grilled or barbequed.

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