(mytilus galloprovincialis)

Blue Mussels are grown and sourced from the local bays surrounding Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula. Boston Bay and Proper Bay offer a protected area for the mussels to be farmed and the waters are full of nutrients, which allows the mussels to grow quickly. Blue Mussels are grown on suspended ropes, not on the seabed thus ensuring a cleaner product.

Blue Mussels are processed within hours of harvest with extensive quality checks from harvesting to packaging which ensures a high end quality product for the consumer. The mussels are either cryovaced with a 10 day shelf life, or loose with 7 days shelf life.

Fun fact: Gram for gram mussel meat has more protein, less fat, more minerals and nutrients, and only a quarter of the calories than a steak!


Blue mussels are highly sustainable, and are grown and accessible all year round. Our Growers are certified by international conservation organisation Friend of the Sea, NASAA Organic Certification, and undergo rigorous water testing by SASQAP.

Culinary Notes

Blue mussels are sweet with a soft texture and are high in Omega 3. Mussels are a quick and easy to cook shellfish with a variety of different ways to serve. 

A tip when cooking fresh mussels: if upon completion a mussel is not open but smells fine, then it is still all good to eat. Just use another shell to pry it open! See Murray the Mussel

Available Forms

Cooked in bag 500g Boston Bay
Cooked in bag 650g Kinkawooka
Live cryovac 1kg Boston Bay
Live cryovac 2kg catering pack
Live loose per kilo foam esky

Cooked in bag have a 9 month shelf life from pack day
Live cryovac has a 10 day shelf life from pack day
Live loose in esky have a 7 day shelf life from pack day

All mussels must remain chilled until cooked / consumed

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