Greenly Island Kawahagi

Nelusetta ayraudi

Greenly Island Kawahagi is caught in the Great Southern Ocean off Greenly Island, Eyre Peninsula. Kawahagi is a deep sea fish, generally inhabiting the ocean floor at depths of 80-120 metres below the surface. They feed on an abundance of squid, octopus, pilchards and krill.


Caught using sustainable fishing practices, the availability of Kawahagi is considered abundant. The fishery is responsibly managed with very few licences held in South Australia. Fish are caught via trap and pulled directly off the bottom with no dragging or trawling of the ocean floor. Fish trapping is highly regarded as a sustainable method of fishing with minimal to no environmental impact.

Greenly Island Kawahagi is fished from August to May with frozen supply available all year round. The fish arrive alive on board the vessel, are processed and stored on ice immediately to ensure the wild-caught integrity is maintained. Catch is then frozen the moment the boat unloads. All our frozen stock is “frozen-fresh”, and therefore “thaws-fresh” every time.

Culinary Notes

Described as a ‘culinary sensation’, this seafood has been named one of the 21 best dishes of 2018 on Kawahagi has a mild, sweet textured taste and is fresh but firm in texture. It is versatile and suited to all methods of cooking ranging from steamed, pan fried, ceviche, sashimi, battered or grilled.

Available Forms

Fresh trunk – skin on
Fresh snout – skin on (approx. 8-10 snouts per kg)
Fresh whole fish sashimi grade
Frozen-fresh cheek meat (available in 500g cryovac pack)
Frozen-fresh trunk – skin off (3 x trunks per cryovac pack)
Frozen-fresh fillets (5kg shatter packs)

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Greenly Island Kawahagi

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