Pallidus Octopus

Pallidus Octopus is a wild species of octopus found in the deeper offshore waters of the Spencer Gulf, South Australia. Pallidus has a fast growth rate but short life expectancy (of just over 12 months naturally), making for a high level of reproduction. Adults usually weigh between 200-400 grams when fully grown.

Pallidus are harvested most of the year. The warmer the water, the more active the octopus, which increases appetite and in turn, growth rate. 


Pallidus, as with other species of octopus, are caught using tubes (un-baited shelter pots) attached to lines set on hard ocean floors. These tubes, or “artificial dwellings”, provide additional safe-havens from predators, therefore increasing the chance for breeding and maturation.

When fished, octopi are “trap size-specific” (meaning the octopus will choose a shelter that directly correlates to its body size). Around November however, the ratio of juveniles is much higher. We know this because the larger tubes are mostly empty but all the smaller habitats, holes and lairs are “occupied”. This style of fishing, as well as having minimal environmental impact and zero by-catch, ensures just the mature octopi are taken, letting the breeders remain to continue the cycle.

The Pallidus fishery in 2019 was granted research and development support from the local government bodies PIRSA and SARDI to gain greater understanding of its commercial potential.

Culinary Notes

Pallidus Octopus has a deliciously clean ocean flavour and is popular in many countries throughout Europe and especially the Mediterranean. It adapts perfectly eaten as sashimi, slow-cooked, chargrilled, in salads, pickled, or any number of other ways; you’re only limited by your imagination! 

Available Forms

In the case fresh octopus is not available, then typically frozen will be. 

Frozen-fresh in 5kg cryovac bag
Fresh loose in foam esky

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