spaghetti vongole

spaghetti vongole

takes 15 mins
makes 4 serves

flat-leaf parsley, small bunch
4 cloves garlic
cherry tomatoes, half a punnet
cup dry white wine
400g dry spaghetti
olive oil, a good drizzle
1-2 dry chillies
750g bag vongole
sea salt & fresh black pepper to taste
crusty bread

put pasta water on to boil, throw a crusty loaf into a warm oven, and roughly chop parsley leaves to set aside for final step

finely chop parsley stalks, peel, flatten and chop garlic, quarter the cherry tomatoes and have wine ready

lightly salt the pasta water, add spaghetti and cook according to packet instructions until “al dente”

about 7 minutes before pasta is done, drizzle olive oil into a hot pan and add garlic and parsley stalks, salt and pepper. stir for a minute or so then add crumbled chilli and cherry tomatoes

stir for a minute longer or until the garlic just begins to colour then add the rinsed vongole and white wine. quick stir then add the lid. vongole will start to open after 3 or 4 minutes

drain the spaghetti with 3 minutes left on the clock and add to vongole pan. keep shuffling the pan to coat the spaghetti and further encourage the late openers

add a final drizzle of olive oil and the chopped parsley leaves to your spaghetti vongole and enjoy with warm crusty bread (and the rest of that bottle of white) 😉 bon appétit!

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