greenly island kawahagi

“It’s a fish, not a motorcycle!”


  1. Wild, trap-caught, sustainably-fished Deep Sea Ocean Jacket sourced from the waters surrounding Greenly Island (off the coast of Coffin Bay, South Australia). The word Kawahagi is Japanese and literally means “to skin”, as the skin is easily removed.

Deep Sea Ocean Jacket was first fished in 1984 by Jackson Lennell, off the west coast of Eyre Peninsula. In 1987 Hugh Bayly saw opportunity in this fishery and with his vessel, Sea Rover, started his small family-run fishing venture, “Sea Rover Wild Catch”. Today Hugh still plays a very active role in this fishery, and remains the only fisher to have persevered throughout the social and economic challenges that come with a fish that has not often received the value of its worth. Click here to view video

In 2019 Wild Catch Fisheries joined with like-minded Myers Seafood. To ensure the uniqueness and quality stood alone from all other Ocean Jacket available on the open market, they formed “Greenly Island Kawahagi”.

Traditionally an undervalued species, Kawahagi is only now beginning to make a name for itself. Recently described as a ‘culinary sensation’, the dish, created by talented executive chef Josh Harris, was listed in the “21 world’s best dishes of the year” on With a mild, sweet taste but firm texture, Kawahagi really is the perfect all-rounder.

Kawahagi inhabit the vast Southern coastline of Australia. Residing in 70-120 metres of water, they typically feed on squid, octopus, pilchards and krill.

The Kawahagi fishery is responsibly managed with very few licences held. Kawahagi are caught via trap and pulled directly off the ocean floor without trawling or dragging. They arrive alive onboard the fishing vessel, and are processed immediately to ensure integrity is maintained. Fish-trapping in this way is highly regarded as a sustainable method of fishing because the traps are target specific, resulting in minimal to no by-catch. 

So, delicious, ocean-friendly, and sustainably caught, what’s not to love?


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